Dear Chamber Member-

As the president of your chamber, I am writing to ask you for your help.
Your Chamber of Commerce: The Warrenton Regional Chamber (WRC), is seeking submissions for a new logo from our membership.
Formerly the GWCC, our logo looked like this:

GWCC New Member Orientation

This is your chance to be the source of our next logo.
If you were to capture an image to describe us, it might be in response to the question: “What is our brand?”
We have always been a supporter of small and micro businesses, those that are growing and striving as well as those that are struggling and surviving. Our members are retail and home based, entrepreneurial and expert alike.
Both farmers and large commercial operations call us their chamber.
Then there is what we do: We are “The Chamber Where Business Needs Meet Business Expertise”.
And finally, we are reaching out to regional business groups in order to encourage a Piedmont-wide collaborative association of chambers and associations. Shared memberships, better choices for mixers and training programs, and shared best practice will all result from our efforts.
Please help us. As part of the many innovative changes we are undergoing, changing our logo is another small but important detail. And you can really help us with this. What follows are two submissions, but we really want and need more!



So…What would you suggest? Have an idea? Love to design? Please put it down on paper and play. Be a part of your chamber, of your community, of your future.

Time is of the essence. This logo will be featured in our welcome package and all materials by the end of April. Our deadline for submissions is close of business, Monday, April 17. Please send your submission to me at this email address. While all submissions will become the property and trademark of the WRC, we will:

  1. Recognize the winner, 1st and 2nd runner ups at our quarterly luncheon, held May 11th at Airlie Center. As one of these you will also receive two complimentary tickets to the luncheon.
  2. Provide a press release to the two local print news outlets naming the winner and two runners-up and providing copy of all three logos.
  3. Recognize the winner and two runners-up in our weekly newsletter immediately following the luncheon.
  4. Provide the winner and two runners-up with complimentary one-year memberships worth up to $95 toward your next renewal.

Thank you in advance for considering this request. And as a member, please look forward to several new and exciting developments that we will be rolling out over the next two months. Next up: “THE WHEEL…OF…FORTUNE”: THE WARRENTON REGIONAL CHAMBER B2B BUSINESS MATCHMAKING GAME.