The Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce is  The Warrenton Regional Chamber

Our Programs

The WRC offers three unique programs to our members. What excites us is that you can choose to be a recipient of these programs and also – in several instances, you may choose to provide some of these programs to other businesses in need.

PROGRAM ONE: The WRC Business Academy

  • Practical Educational Training Modules on topics such as:
    • Microsoft 365
    • Quickbooks
    • Finance 101, 102, 103
    • Marketing 101, 102, 103
    • HR 101, 102, 103
    • and more
  • Links to all relevant local government regulations, departments, staff, and permit applications.
  • Online directory of select service providers that match with your B2B needs.

PROGRAM TWO: The WRC Business Concierge Program

  • Monthly fun Business Speed Dating Events that match B2Bs together by skills and need.
  • Select networking events co-hosted with other regional business and chamber groups.
  • No charge one-hour consultations with key B2B service providers in the following key service categories:
banking and investment accounting & bookkeeping; tax preparation construction, remodeling, repair
business coaching/consulting business legal services including attorneys,

property leasing, & surveying
brand/marketing services
website design & development computer, software, IT & telecommunications services insurance providers
meeting and event space, event planning other assorted and general business services

PROGRAM THREE: The WRC Mentoring Program

  • Assignment to a WRC mentor – another businessperson who has “been there and done that” and who can help you with the answers to the questions that you have and the challenges you face.
  • Dialogue and support from business experts who will help you sort through the issues you are currently experiencing
  • Our proven Business Assistance Team is a virtual Board of Directors, providing a comprehensive mentoring approach to helping start-up, growing, and struggling businesses (this is a for-fee program).

The WRC has come a long way, but we have more work to do. Our focus has always been on direct business assistance and education, but we are now moving to the next level. We are creating a Chamber that makes dynamic, enhanced business assistance available to every one of our members.

We look forward to having you join us.

If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Chamber office at 540-216-3854 or info@warrentonchamber.org.

Levels of Membership

Under our new services model, the WRC now categorizes our members into four groups based upon their relationships with one another. The first group is our Associates. These are business owners who often need certain skills beyond their own area of expertise in order to succeed and/or thrive. The second group is our Leaders, who offer those services that most of us need in order to successfully run and/or manage our organizations. The third group is our Champions, who have made a special commitment to support the WRC’s support of our business community, and the final group is our Civic Underwriters. These are the leaders who have made an extraordinary commitment to our entire community. Each group has varying dues levels based upon their number of employees.

Download our full packet, along with the full details of member benefits and 2017 WRC membership levels here: Warrenton Regional Chamber Overview
Existing members may renew or upgrade their membership at any time; simply contact our office!

If you are a new member, easily complete your membership application online: Membership Application

The WRC is a membership-driven organization. Members have a voice through their ability to vote for Board positions and thus the direction of their Chamber. Adding your voice will help to shape our business community.

Apply for membership today so you can benefit from engaging with successful businesses in our community.

Other Member Perks

  • Affordable membership and centrally located meetings/events.
  • Weekly e-blasts (e-news) with timely information, registration links and calendar planning.
  • Certificate of Origin Services for exporters.
  • Complimentary Notary Services. Please call 540-216-3854 to schedule an appointment.
  • Low-cost meeting space at the WRC Headquarters.
  • Exclusive discount on Constant Contact