Attention: Warrenton Regional Chamber Members — the shutdown process of the Warrenton Regional Chamber is now complete.

We appreciate your support in the past and look forward to serving you through our combined operations with the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce.

Checks were issued and mailed to members, refunding the remainder of the membership fee paid to the Warrenton Regional Chamber. A letter was enclosed stating that the checking account would be closed on 12/18/17 and urging recipients to cash their check prior to that date. The account was closed on 12/21/17 and checks that were still outstanding were transferred to a local non-profit.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have served you in this capacity and wish you much success in life and business.
The Board of Directors, Warrenton Regional Chamber

Since 2009, the Warrenton Regional Chamber has been focused on supporting our local and regional business community. We started with some ambitious initial goals, and are pleased to see the positive changes that have taken place over the years. Today, there are a much wider variety of services for small businesses provided by multiple organizations. As we continue forward with our mission, we recognize that these improvements have resulted in a stronger, more robust community. After several discussions with key stakeholders, the Board of Directors of the WRC met and agreed that the best way to serve our members and the business community at large would be to align with the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce, creating unity within our town, county, and beyond. This Unity Plan will be rolled out in the coming weeks, and we will contact each member individually with more details.

We have submitted press releases to local news outlets. You’ll find the text of the release below.

In short, the WRC and FCC will unify their operations in an effort to continue to strengthen, improve, and simplify services to you, our members. Several WRC board members will serve on the board and councils at FCC, and in 2018, very small and microbusinesses will be strongly represented at the FCC by a new Microbusiness Support Council.

Our focus remains on serving our members in the best way possible. We are grateful for the support of our members at every level, and we look forward to continuing well into the future as part of the unified Fauquier Chamber of Commerce.

We will be in touch very soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Brian Roeder, President
Michelle Coe, Vice President
Wes Shortridge, Secretary
Warrenton Regional Chamber

Fauquier’s two chambers join forces in a new “Unity Plan”
Purpose is to improve and simplify services to business community.

The Warrenton Regional Chamber (WRC) and the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce (FCC) are joining forces to better serve Fauquier’s business community. After several discussions among senior leaders, Fauquier’s two largest business associations will unify their operations beginning October 1st. Continuing their service to the business community, several WRC board members will serve on the board and councils at the FCC. In an expansion of services at the FCC, the WRC’s focus upon very small and micro business owners will now be strongly represented by a new Microbusiness Support Council.

Brian Roeder, the president of the WRC said, “Our community has 6000 registered businesses. Most are operated by one or two owners. This initiative strengthens our community’s support for those business owners and the entrepreneurial spirit which accounts for 75% of U.S. economic growth. We are excited about the new opportunities presented by this comprehensive Unity Plan.”

For over 90 years, the FCC has served the community. The WRC was organized in 2009 by local leaders to assist businesses struggling with the effects of the Great Recession. All of the WRC’s initial goals have been met, and today there are a wide variety of services available to small businesses, provided by local organizations such as the invigorated Fauquier County Department of Economic Development, Lord Fairfax Community College, The PATH Foundation, the Mason Enterprise Center, and others. On October 1st, the FCC and the WRC will unite, and the FCC will continue to expand service and support to the local and regional business community. Both Chambers will be reaching out to their members over the next week to provide answers to any questions and explain next steps. Current WRC members will be invited to join the FCC.

Lynda McPherson, president of the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce board, said “We are fortunate so many community leaders embrace change which improves our community. Working together, we achieve what’s best for all. Under this exciting Unity Plan, The Chamber of Commerce will expand resources to our entire community. Working together we all can ‘Build Better Business, Better Community'”.